Skincare Routine That Maybe Bad For Your Skin…


Skin is the most visible part of your body and demands constant care especially if you have a skin condition for example too much dryness or too oily skin. For this purpose, several people outline a daily skincare routine and stick with it to make sure they have a healthy glowing skin. However, sometimes these skincare routines have a counterproductive result as compared to what you originally set out to achieve. Following are a few instances where you might be doing more harm to your skin than good.


1. Washing off the Make-up

  • This is extremely important to never go to bed before taking off your make up.
  • Wash it off thoroughly and make sure your pores are not clogged.
  • For this use a deep cleansing balm to make sure your face has no impurities left in the pores.

2. Using Proper Cleanser

  • Another important step to proper skincare is carefully choosing the right cleanser for your face.
  • The most important critical aspect while choosing the skin care product is their pH value.
  • If you choose a higher pH value product the sebaceous glands might secrete more sebum and ultimately lead to acne.
  • The skin naturally prefers pH value of around 5.
  • 5 since this is the perfect value to encourage the natural environment and bacteria of the skin which leads to proper skin health.

3. Not using Toners after Cleansing

  • It may seem like an unimportant step but using toners is definitely a must due to several reasons.
  • First of all, it sucks away all the chlorine and mineral from tap water and prepares the skin for moisturizer application.
  • Just be careful to opt for a non-alcoholic variant.

4. Aggressive Exfoliation Treatment

  • Nowadays in a quest to have a younger, squeaky clean skin people opt for a treatment that should burn or sting otherwise they deem it weak and ineffective.
  • Considering exfoliation of the skin, if you are being very aggressive you might end up damaging the natural moisture barrier of the skin and may end up having flaky, dry skin, which may lead to inflammation of the skin as well.
  • Instead of opting for facial scrub every other day choose chemical exfoliants which may not be that hard on your skin and avoid undesirable effects of physical exfoliants.

5. Pimples

  • Some people cannot resist the urge to pop a pimple as soon as they lay their eyes on it.
  • The unfortunate thing with popping a pimple is the resulting infection potential which increases and could spread to other areas of the skin.
  • So instead of squeezing out a pimple, apply effective acne treatment for example salicylic acid directly on the spot.

6. Using Oils for Moisture

  • Even if you have a skin that tends to get oily do not stop incorporating oils into your skincare routine.
  • This is because oils are a very effective moisturizer for the skin apart from the obvious benefits of making your skin supple and glowing.