I bet all of us have petroleum jelly (Vaseline) at home but the thing is; we only use it for one thing or two not knowing, it can be more useful than that. So here are some of your skin conditions that can be healed by Vaseline:

  • To heal wind burns: yes, you read it right! I dealt with severe wind burns last winter and Vaseline was my saver. All you need to do is to wash your face (with cold water) then apply a generous amount of Vaseline to your face before going to bed, and you’ll notice improvement after couple days.
  • To get rid of booty bumps: nothing to be ashamed of, ladies. We all deal with booty bumps every now and then, but here you have the solution; apply Vaseline to the areas you have bumps on your booty day or night; because usually the red booty bumps are caused by dehydration.

    Designed by nensuria / Freepik

  • To get rid of dry elbows: If you suffer from dry elbows in winter to the point where it becomes painful where regular lotion doesn’t help, all you got to do is; to apply Vaseline to the dry parts every day.
  • To avoid pigmentation of hair dye on your skin: all you got to do before dyeing your hair is; to apply Vaseline to your forehead before the process; to avoid hair dye’s pigmentation on your skin.
  • To get rid of dry feet: apply Vaseline to your feet and wear socks before bed, and you will wake up with smooth, moisturized, baby like soft feet.
  • To avoid/get rid of chapped lips: dry, chapped lips are so painful, Vaseline come to the rescue again; apply as much as you need and as many times as you want per day to get rid or avoid dry/chapped lips.
  • Get rid of skin redness: If you get red skin, from irritation or over sun exposure. Vaseline is the key for that, if you don’t know actually vaseline it can be used on baby’s skin to get rid of skin redness. 

I hope this article was helpful ! Until next time.