How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat: Diet and Workout


Lower belly fat is stubborn, unsightly and even dangerous for overall health. Losing lower belly fat would be challenge nevertheless, it’s not hopeless. Eating healthy food by following perfect diet and strong workout plan can easily help you to get rid of lower belly fat and keep it off.

The most important thing you need to do avoid this unwanted fat in your belly is following perfect and balanced diet. Eating too many calories result in gaining weight so limiting the amount of food you intake will help you to reduce lower belly fat.

This article provides you about the diet and workout plan you need to follow to prevent lower belly fat.

How To Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat?

Diet To Follow:

#1 Limit The Intake Of Junk Food:

This doesn’t mean you need to completely avoid taking your favorite food from your life. The occasional treat can help you to stay on the track but, excessive consumption may put you in risk.

Instead, replace all your junk food with healthy alternatives like veggies, fruits, dairy products which help you in losing weight.

#2 Include Foods High In Water Content:

Include foods which contain high water amount such as watermelon, orange, apple, grape fruits and vegetables like lettuce, cabbage , kale which also contain high amount of fiber the other nutrients that helps in reducing fat.

#3 Don’t Skip Your Breakfast:

You might feel skipping breakfast is not a big deal, but it has immense effect on your health and body. Breakfast will help you to stay calm until your next meal and avoid you from overeating at lunch.

#4 Take Smaller Meals:

Instead of having large meals for thrice in day, make it 5-6 small meals that can help you to prevent cravings. For some people constant grazing can cause weight gain and for some people benefit from tracking their calorie intake and counting calories.

Make sure to find perfect diet that suits to maintain perfect body.

#5 Stick To Your Diet:

Once you’ve found the perfect diet plan then stick to it for long term. Don’t make any unhealthy relationship with your food prepare your mind to avoid unhealthy food in your diet. It can because you to hold on to stubborn lower belly fat longer.

Sticking to a perfect diet will slow down your metabolism and hold on to fat stores in case of emergencies.

Here are some exercises that will help you to get rid of lower belly fat easily.

Exercises For Lower Belly Fat:

#1 Bicycle Crunches:

Bicycle crunches works on your upper abdominal muscles, lower abdominal muscles, middle abdomen and side waist muscles to reduce fat.

How To Do:

  • Lie down on your back by stretching your legs.
  • Place your hands on the sides of your head and do not lock your fingers.
  • Bent your right knee and try to bring it towards your chest at the same time twist your body to touch your left elbow with right knee.
  • Come back to starting point and repeat it with left leg and right elbow.
  • Repeat it 20 times.

#2 Side Crunches:

This exercise works on your lower and middle abdominal region and very simple to do.

How To Do:

  • Lie down on the floor on one side by keeping your left leg on the top of right.
  • Stretch away from the body at a angle of 90 degrees on the floor and placing your palm down.
  • Bend your left elbow and keep tour left palm slightly on your head.
  • Now, lift both your legs towards your head and head towards your feet.
  • Repeat it 10 times then relax, repeat the same scenario from the left side.

#3 Forward Plank:

This exercise strengthens your core and works perfect on lower abdominal muscles, hamstrings and glutes.


How To Do:

  • Lie down on the floor with all your fours.
  • Go down by supporting your upper body on your fore arm and stretch your legs with the support of your lower body and toes.
  • Hold on for 20 seconds and relax for 10 seconds again repeat.

#4 Running:

Your legs are two fat burners in your body, running is the best way to reduce any fat in your body. At an average you can burn more than 600 calories in an hour.

However, the more intense and faster you run the more fat you lose in your body and it’s up to you for the decision of distance in your day routine.