2 Apples, 1 Lemon And 1 Cup Of Oats, Prepare To Lose Size Without Any Control


In this article, we would like to present you the simple 3 ingredient smoothie, which is very health and beneficial, and it can help you get rid of the fat, and lose the amount of weight you desire.

It is a replacement for a full meal, it is completely healthy and natural and it is alkalizing your body, therefore cleansing it from toxins and preventing heart attacks, strokes and low cholesterol levels as well.

The smoothie contains lemons, oats, and apples. The apples are very rich in many nutrients, which makes them one of the most beneficial and powerful fruits, therefore they are able to regulate the weight of your body.

The green apples, however, are those that contain the most nutrients and are the most powerful, they are also most effective in the process of losing weight, they contain a lot of healthy compounds in them, and they can boost your health in many ways as well.

The green apples contain a very rare compound, the dietary fiber which is found in the form of pectin. It is regulating the intestinal motility or also known as peristalsis, therefore reducing the appetite. They also contain huge amounts of B vitamins, therefore they are able to supply our body with more nutrients and prevent the carbohydrates from transforming into fat.


The green apples contain very few calories and they are also very low in fluid retention. Also, these apples are decreasing the sugar absorption in our intestines, and they are also preventing from the unwanted and sudden releases of the hormone insulin, and that is directly connected to our body gaining fat and weight.

How to prepare this healthy 3 ingredient Smoothie?



Put the mineral water in the blender, then cut the green apples in smaller pieces and add them in the blender as well. Then get the oats and put them inside the blender too. Turn it on, and blend until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Then cut the lemon in half and only squeeze its juice inside the mixture. Stir well, and the smoothie is ready for consumption. Consume it once on daily basis, for one week.

If you are preparing it during the hot summer days, you can add a few ice cubes inside, and enjoy the cooling effect as well!

Source: cleanfitnessrecipes.com