Are you looking for ways to use your time efficiently?

Or are you that person that just does not have any time to go to the gym. As currently you are in a busy period and you have other top priorities: financial, family matters etc.

I understand that completely and have been in the same situation as well.

That’s why you should use your time and energy better and you are right in thinking in this way.

It is completely possible to lose weight efficiently. It is done by implementing a few measurements that will enable your body to process and digest food better.

It is certainly not easy to lose weight in this way.

Discipline and persistence are two qualities you need. I will cover with you how you can do this and thrive to reach your weight loss goal.

Are you ready to learn and master this?



Can You Lose Weight Without Trying?

I will tell this straight up: no. You can’t lose weight without trying. However, what you can is lose weight in a smart and fast way.

Setting goals will help you to become the person you want to be. Problem? People set goals but don’t take it seriously.

They start a new year goal and after some time they say Whoops I didn’t make it, too bad. This is the new year resolution.

Every great success starts with taking action today.

So I will spend a good time focusing on how you can make this happen.

It requires that we understand how the body works, once we mastered that we go and continue on how you can turn your body into a weight loss fat burning machine.

Learn the fundamentals and you will be able to be successful.

There is way more to move more and eat less. If you found yourself not losing weight after doing tons of exercises or dieting, it means there is something wrong with your body’s system.

Your body is not processing or digesting the healthy foods properly and instead of using the vitamins and minerals, your body just starts to store more fat and instead you automatically gain weight.

You can reverse this process and get your body to a healthy state of functioning by eating the RIGHT foods and by being physically active.

So let’s cover this how you can do this when you are at work or at home.

How to Lose Weight at Home or at Work

First, you must know that you should avoid buying either food at the canteen or food that is processed and packaged.

Basically what I am saying is that you should prepare your food self and this should not be time-consuming at all if done properly.

Why? Food that is prepared for you is convenient and delicious. I get that.

There is some caveat to that…. It means people probably added lots of sauce to your dish or added more sugar than necessary to your packaged food.

You are the master of your own destiny.

This all starts by controlling your diet and what you consume in your body.

First, you should avoid eating any kind of carbohydrates.

Some of the examples of carbs: bread, white rice, crackers, pasta, potatoes, fried food, and diary.

Secondly, avoid all type of processed food.

These are foods that you mostly find in the grocery store and are either packaged or processed.

In short: you should also avoid all type of foods that are either touched or prepared by a company. We want you to REALLY eat clean.

This means eliminating all the bad foods out there.

And these are many. I am also talking about sodas and fruit juices, literally all type of food and drinks that you can find in the grocery store and contain tons of additives, chemicals, and sugars.

So what can you eat and drink?

Drink a lot of water during the day! If you get the bored try out my detox water recipes to have some fun during this journey.

Also, add black coffee and tea to this list.

Of course, without any sugar or milk added to your drinks.

You should focus on eating a lot of protein.

Protein can be found in lean meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables.

Also, think of oatmeal to get good minerals and a healthy portion of protein in your body.

You can pre-pack your meals and snack in advance and this can be done when you are making dinner. So in this way you use your time efficiently.

Why is it important to plan your meals ahead and even carry them with you.

Why? This will create some form of accountability for yourself.

Once you do this, you will say no a lot of times to lunch with colleagues and dinner meetings.


This not only saves you money but you also begin to attach more value to the work put in the pre-made dinner.

If you need to attend dinners and lunches: try out a certain type of salad and ask for the dressing separately. The dressing is what makes you gain weight.

Fast, Easy and Lazy Ways to Lose Weight

Make it a fun journey and make it a challenge instead. Set a goal with a timeframe and share this with your friends and family.

They will help you do this and motivate you to push the maximum out of yourself. You will start believing in yourself and that you are capable of this.

Read about other success stories from famous people who lost a lot of weight.

This takes nothing more than a Google search.

Give my own weight loss program a try. I share in here a step by step plan how you can lose 10-20 pounds guaranteed. I offer a money back guarantee to challenge you to try it out and become the best version of yourself.

Try out new recipes such as detox waters. Mix water with fruit and vegetables and the vitamins and minerals will infuse with the water. This gives it a super good taste but it is also super healthy.

Weightloss While Sleeping in Bed

Losing weight while you sleep does not happen in bed. It happens in the process and actions you do before you really go to bed.

It is important to be physically active as to get your body active again. It will start to burn the foods for energy instead of storing it as fat.

Here are some tips on how you can do this:

1. Go for an evening walk of 30 minutes. You can reserve 30 minutes of your time for this. You can do this with your loved ones, kids or friends and use the moment as a quality time to chat up, enjoy the surroundings and just be happy at the moment.

2. Try fasting, after your evening meal don’t eat anything until the next morning or afternoon. Often you are consuming more calories than you really need. This can be avoided just to stop eating in the evening after dinner. In this way, you will give your body the opportunity to absorb the nutrients and digest the food properly you ate during the day. Give your body a rest and it will reward you.

Repetition again is the mother of skill. If you want to master anything, you need to do it over and over again. This is what my own weight loss program is about and this is the last weight loss system you need. After these 3 weeks, you will be able to lose weight whenever you command. This because you have repeated the action steps over and over again so that the became healthy habits. These healthy habits will turn your body into a passive fat burning machine.