Here Are 14 Symptoms Of High Blood Sugar & Which Foods Reduce It!!!


High blood sugar or hyperglycemia is usually one of the symptoms of having diabetes. However, it is not always so. It can be just one indicator of it.

High blood sugar is capable of causing complications though, even if they do not lead to diabetes. Thus, it is always a good idea to discover the hyperglycemia early and treat it.

This brings us to the reason for writing this article today and that is to show you how you can spot the high blood sugar and which signs point to that.

14 Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

  1. Feeling a constant, unsatiated and unexplainable hunger
  2. Itchy and dry skin
  3. Too much abdominal fat and weight gain
  4. Blurry vision
  5. An inability to stay focused
  6. Discomfort in your stomach
  7. Feeling an unquenchable thirst throughout the entire day
  8. Nerve issues
  9. Recurring infections
  10. The slow healing of wounds and cuts
  11. Impotence
  12. Constantly dry mouth
  13. A frequent need to urinate, and this particularly during the nighttime
  14. Feeling fatigued on a regular basis

Even if you do not experience any of these symptoms, do not worry. It might turn out that you have high blood sugar, but that you are not a diabetic as well.


Thus, if you want to reduce the high blood sugar, the following foods are the way to do so. They are actually based on a food list which is based on the glycemic index.

GI Food List

  • The glycemic index or GI is a scale where the carbs are classified based on the level of which they are able to raise the blood glucose levels or their glycemic response. Its scale ranges from 0-100. Thus, the higher the food gets on the list, the bigger the chances are that it will raise the sugar levels, and vice versa. The lower it is, the healthier and safer it is.
  • You should definitely avoid foods that are ranked from 70 and above. Some of those are white bread, rice cakes, corn flakes, popcorn, glazed donuts, and baked potatoes.
  • Furthermore, we have those foods that are in the middle of the scale. You can eat this, however, you should do it in moderation. They range from 55-69. Some of those are oatmeal, brown rice, honey, mac and cheese, pita bread and white rice.
  • The best group of the foods is the one that ranks the lowest on the GI scale and you should definitely consume these foods the most. They range from 0-54 and there are a lot of these foods actually, so you have nothing to worry about.
  • Some of these foods include hummus, yellow onions, grapefruit, eggs, broccoli, cherries, cashews, butter beans, apples, kidney beans, tomato juice, spaghetti, oranges, carrots, bananas, green grapes, peas, pineapple juice, turkey sausages and a lot more!
  • Therefore, if you consume more of these foods we have just told you about, you will be able to reduce the blood sugar levels by yourself in no time! Also, you will be the healthiest you have ever been