How To Clean Your Liver In Just 72 Hours!!!


You will not believe how easy it is to get rid of extra weight and to clean your liver with an almost miraculous drink whose recipe we have here for you. What actually happens is that your liver cannot function properly when your body is full of toxins, so it is them that you need to get rid of. Your liver helps you lose weight, so it is essential to keep it healthy in order to achieve the goal of losing extra pounds.


It is enough to consume for 3 days the drink that we are telling you about in order to cleanse your liver and to lose weight at the same time.

What do you basically have to do during these 3 days?

  • avoid heavy meals;
  • drink this mixture 3 times a day;
  • eat healthy foods.

How to prepare the drink:

  1. What you need: 6 cups of water, 5 steams celery, 3 lemons, a cup of cut parsley.
  2. What you have to do: mix all the ingredients mentioned above in a blender; firstly, add them all, apart from water, then add water after you obtained a paste and mix again.
  3. Consume the drink before your meals, 2 glasses of it, for 3 times a day. Repeat it for 3 days, then you can do it again after a week or 10 days.