If You Feel Bloated This Is What You Need to Do for Immediate Relief!


Unfortunately, a lot of people are constantly struggling with a bloated belly. Feeling bloated could be a result of numerous things. For example, foods like asparagus, broccoli, and cabbage, which contain raffinose sugar is not easy to digest and this increases the risk of gases. Therefore, such veggies need to be consumed in moderation in order to reduce the chance of feeling bloated.

Other Foods Which Cause Bloating

Apples and pears contain soluble fiber which isn’t good for people with a sensitive stomach. Therefore, you should never exaggerate in their consumption. Since beans have oligosaccharide, which is not an easily digestible sugar, you should eliminate some of it and ease the digestion by soaking the beans in water prior to cooking.

Often times, people with gastrointestinal problems feel bloated due to chewing gums on a regular basis which increases the amount of swollen air. Dairy products can also cause bloating, as well as carbonated drinks which are known to release carbon dioxide that causes bloating accompanied by gases.

Furthermore, excessive intake of salty foods, that is, more than 2300 mg of salt per day makes the body preserve water which results in a bloated abdomen. An unhealthy diet, stress, and lack of good bacteria can cause constipation, bloating, and gases.

Natural Remedies against Bloating


Since it has protein-digesting enzymes, ginger significantly lowers the risk of gastrointestinal problems and it will lower bloating and stop gases.


Chamomile tea

This tea has anti-inflammatory, relaxing, and carminative characteristics and it will soothe the digestive tract and mucus membrane. It will lower stress as well-one of the main causes of digestive issues.

Peppermint tea

This tea has relaxing properties and it’s great against IBS. It relaxes the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract.


Parsley has the power to lower surplus water, bloating, gases, surplus salt, etc. as it’s a natural diuretic.


Paian is a protein-digesting enzyme which is present in this fruit and it successfully fights off gas and bloating.

Lemon and apple cider vinegar

Consuming a mixture of these two ingredients will encourage the production of digestive juice. Squeeze half a lemon in a cup with water and add 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar and drink the mixture.

Caraway seeds

These seeds prevent gas with their potent carminative properties. They also stimulate the production of good bacteria in the gut and burn fat in the abdominal area.


By acting as an anti-spasmodic agent in the colon, fennel lowers bloating and gases as well as ache caused by poor digestion. It will also soothe the muscles in the stomach and encourage the production of bile.


The protein-digestive enzymes in this tasty fruit decrease the risk of bloating, gases, and poor digestion.