More & More Women Put Cabbage On Their Breasts & The Reason Will Surely Delight You


Lately, many women from the American and European countries have started putting cabbage leaves on their breasts. They have been doing this due to the fact that is said that cabbage leaves can lower breast swelling and alleviate ache and discomfort, which can be caused by breastfeeding or pumping. What is more, the method can also soothe pain and stress, which wearing an uncomfortable bra can cause.

The reason we are here today is to present you with a procedure which will help you with the breast problems, however, before we talk about let’s see what are all the benefits the cabbage offers.

Namely, the cabbage can provide great benefits in the following cases.

1. Swelling Caused by Traumas

  • If you have a swollen hand or leg after you have hurt it, all you need to do is wrap it with fresh leaves of a cabbage.
  • Just use some bandage to tighten them and leave through the night.
  • The method can be really effective if you have swollen legs or swelling on the ankle.

2. Thyroid Gland

  • The thyroid gland is very important for the overall health. Its hormones can boost metabolism, help the growth and stimulate digestion.
  • If you are looking for ways to restore the normal function of the thyroid gland, you have to apply some cabbage leaves where the thyroid is located on the throat.
  • Just wrap a shawl or a bandage to secure the leaves and leave it like this during the night.
  • Remove the leaves the following morning.

3. Headaches

  • If you have an unbearable headache due to stress, eye issues or tiredness you can use fresh cabbage to alleviate it.
  • Just compress some leaves on the temples and forehead and do not leave them to fall. This will help with headaches instantly.

4. Pain Due to Breastfeeding

  • Now, the main thing we are here for today, how to use cabbage leaves to alleviate breast pain.
  • Just follow the simple procedure and the pain will be gone.

How to Alleviate Breast Pain Procedure

  • First of all, you have to put a cabbage in the fridge for an hour and peel off the outer layers and just pull two from the inner leaves.
  • When you do, wash them in cold water. Then, cut the stem and put the leaves on the breasts without covering the nipples.
  • Just leave the leaves for 20 minutes and remove. Repeat this method until you notice an improvement. That is it!