Natural Remedy to Effectively Remove Earwax and Fight Off Ear Infections


Cleaning the ears on a regular basis is pivotal part of our hygiene; however, a lot of people tend to forget this part, which usually results in clogged earwax and other ear-related issues. Though the most common item for ear cleaning is a Q-tip, according to newest findings, they are not the safest and most effective wax removal method. Instead, you should try this potent natural remedy.

White Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol Solution

You will need:

One part white vinegar

One part rubbing alcohol


Preparation and application: Mix the two ingredients well and then take a tsp of it and pour it into the ear and tilt the head to the opposite side. Hold the pose for a minute before you sit upright and allow the content to come out of the ear. Do the same with the other ear.

For optimal effect, repeat the process twice per day.

The Benefits of the Remedy

  • White vinegar possesses antibiotic and antimicrobial characteristics and it is great against infections
  • Rubbing alcohol is able to remove 85 percent of bad bacteria that it encounters. It will cleanse the ears thoroughly
  • It is effective against buildup of wax and mild and moderate ear infections. For more serious issues, always consult your physician