7 Things Men do When They’re in Deep Love


Men and women are from different planets that are a fact. That means that we think and do things differently. Something that is ok for women usually is nonsense for men. That is why when it comes to a serious relationship it is difficult for a woman to understand if he is in for real. It seems that there is nothing more confusing, right?

That is why we decided to ease your task and help you understand men better. We have compiled a list of seven things that men do when they are in love with you for real. No matter how surprising they may seem to you, keep it in mind that men think in the opposite direction.

1 He listens

It is true that men do not have those listening skills of a woman. They are less attentive but once they fall for you, they will not only listen but also respond to what you are saying. If he does that he is a keeper.

2 Personal Sacrifices

When a man is in love, he will try to do anything to make you feel happy even at the cost of his own comfort zone.

3 Being Weak

It is a known fact that man has to be all tough and masculine. But when he is together with the woman he loves and cares for he will not be ashamed of showing himself weak when it comes to one point tor another.


4 Your ‘worst day.’

If he has seen you with your hair dirty, in your Hello Kitty pajamas, stained in some places, with no makeup on and he still thinks that you are beautiful – this is it!

5 He is proud

When he is proud of everything ‘his’ girl achieves, and he is not ashamed to show that then he is indeed in love.

6 Fighting

He will fight with you if he loves you. No matter how weird it may sound but this is the way men prove their commitment to a woman. If you have those little fights, then everything is moving in the right direction.

7 Respect

The man who loves you will treat you with respect, what is more, he will treat your friends and family with the same respect, just because these people matter to you.

Have you noticed any of these things about your man? Accept our congrats!