8 Symptoms that may mean you have cancer


We all agree on the fact that cancer is a terrible disease. It can target anyone without even giving any notice and this can lead to death. One can effect by cancer at any time throughout their lives.  The good news is, out modern science gives us the opportunity to fight with this killing disease. There are many forms of cancer, among them some can be treated and others are not. However, treatment cannot remove all types of cancers completely but it surely can curable to some extends.

As soon as someone diagnosed with cancer, he or she starts all the possible treatment just for the survival. No matter how much money and effort we spend, we still have to fight an uphill battle with this disease.

Fighting with cancer is difficult and what makes it more difficult is our ignorance about this disease.Often the symptoms of cancer can be misjudged by people. They thought it may be some less serious illness whereas the symptoms are of cancer. Because of out this wrong conception, we delay the diagnosed and therefore the cancer gets high chance to spread all over the body. There are many cases where the cancer diagnosed at the last stage, when nothing much can be done to cure it. So we must learn the difference between these as it is a matter of living or dying.

Here are some general symptoms for you which can lead you to cancer. These are very common symptoms and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you surely have cancer. It is for just to raise our awareness about this disease. If you are suffering with one or more of these symptoms, we suggest you please visit your doctor to get a complete checkup.


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This symptom is so common that almost everybody get tired. Here we are not talking about some ordinary tiredness; it is about extreme tiredness that doesn’t go with proper rest and others. Fatigue could be a symptom of several types of cancer including leukemia, colon cancer and stomach cancer.

Sudden Weight Loss:

Who doesn’t love to lose those extra kilos? But if you are not physically active or maintaining any diet and still losing weight, then it could be a sign. Sudden weight loss can lead you to pancreas, stomach, esophagus and lung cancer.


We all more or less have fever throughout the year.But how many of us know the fact that fever could be a symptom of cancer? The fact is cancer affect our immune system as a result our body loses it balance and can easily caught by fever. As our body won’t be able to fight with the infection, these type of patients randomly suffers from fever.



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Some kinds of pain can be great symptoms of cancer, especially in bone cancer or testicular cancer. When a patient is diagnosed with these types of cancer, they may experience sever pain which is almost intolerable. Headache is another common pain we have to deal with. When this headache doesn’t go away with proper rest and medication, then this might be a symptom of brain cancer.

Sores That Do Not Heal:

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If you are dealing with sores for a long time and they are not getting any better, you might be suffering with skin cancer. People who are smoke are tends to diagnosed with oral cancer where the sores in the mouth are long lasting. Another early sign of cancer is sores in the genital area. So if you are having some, then it is high time you make an appointment with the doctor.

White Spots In the Mouth:

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If you are ever notice anything like white patches inside your mouth or on your tongue, then you must be careful because this could be the symptoms of leukoplakia. Smoking is a bad habit and taking excessive tobacco can develop this disease into oral cancer.

Unusual Bleeding:

Another direct sign of cancer is, cough up blood or you may find blood in tour stool. In a word, any kind of unusual bleeding should be treated seriously. Women must be careful for any abnormal bleeding from the vagina as it can be a sign of vaginal cancer. If you are suffering with kidney or bladder cancer then you may have blood in your urine.

Brittle Nails:

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Skin cancer has another common symptoms and this is brittle nails. It is said that, people who don’t maintain a healthy diet are seen with these symptoms and they are at high risk of diagnosed with skin cancer.

So these are the common symptoms of cancer. Always keep in mind that Prevention is better than cure. We must be very careful about these symptoms as health is wealth. We all must take care of our body because it is the only place we live.

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