What is the worst that can happen to a woman? Impotency would surely make the list. You may not know but the struggle with infertility is real.

Over 12% of women aged between 15 and 44 are dealing with infertility according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It’s all joy and merry when a couple finally have children to end struggle after years of trying. However, that’s not the case for every couple. It somehow still ends in futility for some couples even after spending so much on infertility treatments and other options.

Do you know that 7.3 million people in the United states have used infertility services? That means even if you don’t realize it, the struggle with infertility is there and quite a real challenge.

The inability to have kids can be draining emotionally, mentally and even physically to the affected couples. They need all the support they can get so they turn to friends and family. Unfortunately, those they turn to may say things that hurt the couples but they do it only with the best intentions to help.

Here’s what you shouldn’t say next time you come across such a couple.

1. Asking whether they’re pregnant yet.

This question comes off as insensitive.

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They most probably think about it every single day and night. They’re haunted by the fact that that they are unable to have kids. Although they won’t admit it.

So posing such a question makes the situation worse. They’re inclined to lie after saying no over and over again.

To be honest, they trying twice as hard to make  pregnancy happen. So, they will let you know when they finally get heavy with a young one.

2. It’s easy to get pregnant, I didn’t even mean to but it happened.

You’ve probably heard of women who didn’t mean to but it happened anyway. They end up concluding that it’s so easy to get pregnant. And, are so quick to remind those with impaired fertility that.

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via Tumblr

Saying things like this may send the wrong signals. It implies your friend is not normal or is having something wrong with her.

3. With kids you’ve to work so hard, Count it as a blessing

They want kids so bad right? So they wouldn’t mind all the work that comes along with the upbringing.

Actually, they’d be glad to do it if that what it takes to get pregnant have kids.

They have thought about it and think it’s worth it absolutely.

4. Relax, Don’t stress

Most women are excited  at the prospect of getting pregnant. After, the first futile attempts, the excitement starts to wane. They lose the enthusiasm and can fight no more.

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So why should they not stress over it? They have all the reasons to. Besides, as they stress over it they can look at other viable options.

5. Try adoption

You may think it’s a genius idea at first and suggest it to the couple. But, at a closer look, you’re actually tell the couple to ditch the efforts to get pregnant all together.


Also, you should keep in mind that adoption is not an option for other couples. Even if it offers the easiest way out, it wouldn’t be the route they take to be parents.

6. A pet will do

Pets like dogs give you lots of love like children would do. But  kids offer more than love. Pets are also a challenge to raise and can be stressful too.

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It’s true, dogs may close the gap for the need of love and companionship. But comparing them with babies won’t go down well with the couple.

7. Take my kids if you want

It a harmless joke cracked to divert the infertility problem at hand. Some people offer to give their own kids to you.

However, it just makes the situation worse. The affected couple feel bad that they’re lacking can’t do it on their own.

8. Eventually It will Happen, If It’s meant to.

Why do you mean ‘meant to happen’? They want kids so bad and you’re starting to put doubt on that? It will hurt their feelings so bad. Even if they don’t show it.

via Tumblr
via Tumblr

What was said out of kindness just goes through the door unnoticed. It’s taken to mean the exact opposite.

What to say or do instead

The best way to solve a problem sometimes is just to listen. Let them talk about their troubles and listen keenly to know how to react.

After listening, now act. Show them empathy and put yourself into their shoes even if they seem too big. So, don’t bring up babies and kids into a conversation unless they want to. Be compassionate to them and offer them a helping hand. Ask them what you can do to help. Often, just explaining you understand their situation will work.

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