How To Reset Your Thyroid That Will Boost Your Metabolism


Erika Schwartz, a medical director wanted to consult with the cardiologist of one old patient. The patient asked her for help. Afterward she did some research and observed his symptoms. At the end, she knew that the medication of the patient has to be replaced.
The patient had problems with his testosterone levels and the low thyroid. He was overweight and sluggish. He also had severe eczema which caused itching and disrupted his sleep.

After three weeks Dr. Schwartz eventually reached his cardiologist. She advised him that his patient had to be taken off some of the medication because they were the reason for severe eczema.

She said that the cardiologist was very rude and he said that she was not educated at all. She reminded him that they have the same degree.

She talked with the patient and he said that he will stop visiting this cardiologist.

He started one treatment that was recommended by the doctor. It included boosting the thyroid hormones. He also had to stop taking the medication for cholesterol. The patient was frightened because he thought that he would have a stroke or a heart attack. However, that did not happen because Dr. Schwartz helped him to normalize the cholesterol levels in a completely natural way.

The thyroid gland produces two thyroid hormones —thyroxineand and triiodothyronine are two hormones that are produced by the thyroid gland. They are also known as T3 and T4.

Some internal and external factors can cause hypothyroidism, which can cause an autoimmune condition, called Hashimoto’s disease. In this case, the immune system can become harmful to your thyroid and in some cases, it can attack the thyroid as well.

If you suffer from hypothyroidism you may have some of these symptoms including dry skin, hair loss, fatigue, depression, mood swings, brittle nails and weight gain.

In some cases, these symptoms can be confused with other conditions. That is why some doctors solve the problem with medication and they are not aware that the reason is actually hypothyroidism.

Mary Shomon said that many people have problems with high cholesterol and are depressed because of the thyroid issues. However, their doctors prescribe antidepressants and medication for cholesterol.

Shomon says that a doctor who cannot identify that the main problem is the thyroid is wrong.

You can make a test which will help you to discover if you have the problem with the thyroid. It is called the test for thyroid stimulating hormone.

The test can determine the quantity of the pituitary hormone that is in your blood. The pituitary hormone will inform the thyroid gland. Afterward, it will stimulate the release of the thyroid hormones. This test is not able to determine how much of T3 or T4 is in your blood.


The real problem is the following: the test will show normal TSH results and if the patient starts to take medication for improvement of these symptoms, different side effects can appear and they can become worse than the main problem.

There is another test which can help. With the help of this test, you can measure how much T3 and T4 is in your blood. It is very important to convert T4 in T3. It is important that T3 penetrates into the cells and to do its job – which is to regulate the organs.

Dr. Schwartz has another approach when it comes to the treatment of her patients. She is paying attention to the diet, stress and hormones as well.

She noticed that here patients were feeling better when she gave them thyroid. Once they felt better they could easily make changes in their diet and include different exercises.

The two doctors agree with this assessment as well. It is known that the thyroid can influence many parts of our body.

We already said that internal and external factors can cause thyroid disorders. Some doctors can make a wrong diagnosis. Those doctors do not know the connection between exercise, the immune system, diet and other factors which can have a negative influence on the thyroid gland.

Dr. Emerson said that we are more susceptible to thyroid disorders because we live in a toxic world. The mycotoxins and mold which are produced by different fungi actually are the first on the list of dangerous toxins. The dangers of this mold and mycotoxins and are examined and if you eat food that contains a lot of mycotoxins and in some cases food that has the high content of sugar the mold has a chance to grow in the body; that is a severe condition and it can be deadly.

It is very important to control your life and try to normalize the thyroid and the different hormone levels. Eat a well-balanced diet and exercise.

Follow simple rules and you will be healthy.

He made some questions that can help you to start a new and healthy life

– Do you eat proper food?
– Do you drink proper water?
– Do you get enough sun?
– Do you sleep enough?
– Do you exercise regularly?
– Do you get medicine in your food?

There are other questions that Dr. Schwartz created for self-appraisal.

– Do you drink too much and that wakes you up every night?
– Do you consume food late?
– Do you consume unhealthy foods regularly?
– Is your TV turned on while you sleep?

The first step towards help is the honest answer to these questions. They will help you a lot and you will resolve your problem.