Put This Spice In The Washing Machine And You Will Be Impressed By The Results


It’s so frustrating when your white laundry comes out of the machine with a slight pink hue thanks to that single red sock that found its way into the washer. Or when your darks or colors end up faded and dull. There are countless tricks out there on how to keep your whites looking white, but not as much information is available on how to protect your colors. Try some of these tips to make sure your wardrobe continues to shine like the rainbow.

Black pepper

Add a teaspoon of ground black pepper to your wash along with your normal detergent. Add it to the main compartment, not to a detergent drawer and then run the coldest cycle. The pepper works like a light sandpaper, removing any residual soap from your clothes. That’s usually the reason the colors fade in the first place.


Add a few teaspoons of salt to your wash for a similar effect. This will prevent the soap from sticking to the fibers, allowing them to radiate in their full brilliance.


Vinegar is also an amazing way to remove damaging soap residue. It also simultaneously works as a natural fabric softener. Try adding a cup of white vinegar to your wash, and don’t worry, the smell will disappear when your clothes dry.



If you are worried about the smell of vinegar, the lemon juice fits perfectly. It not only helps to preserve color, but also adds a pleasant fragrance!


I would never have thought, but coffee and black tea are a great helper in the fight to preserve color. This tool applies only to things in black!

To do this: Put two cups of coffee or black tea and put them directly into the drum. The result is just stunning! But be very careful: do not forget that it’s only for black clothes. Clothes with other colors then need to be washed again!

The preservation of the colors is done with the help of citric acid, potato starch and soap grated.

Place one tablespoon of each ingredient, then add 1 teaspoon of salt and a small amount of water, until obtain a paste. Apply the agent directly onto the stain and allow to stand for 12 hours. Then wash the garment. All of these ingredients are of course in every home and at an affordable price. Start using these simple tricks and choose which suits you the most.

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