Read This Immediately Before Going To A Salon Again (It Might Just Save You From A Storke)


Many people are not aware of the dangers of visiting beauty salons. Before and after the hair treatment, usually, your hair needs to be washed. A lot of people would agree that this step is a little bit uncomfortable.

These sinks do have a groove for your neck, but this curve is so uncomfortable that it often causes severe strain on your neck, which results in pain.

This salon sink put you at an increased risk of a Beauty Parlor Stroke. It might sound strange, but the jerky movements you experience while resting your head can cause serious damage to blood vessels in your neck. The result of this can even be a stroke.

One woman after having her treatment in the hair salon that she always go felt sudden weakness in her left arm and left leg. A week later after visiting the hair salon again, she came back home feeling nausea, projectile vomiting, and a head that was hot to the touch. She was taking to the hospital immediately and she was diagnosed with a stroke.

What is a stroke?

Stroke is a result of limited oxygen and blood supply to the brain. When a damaged or a blocked blood vessel obstructs normal blood flow or in some cases causes clotting. Therefore, this process consequently kills the brain cells that are affected.

When a stroke appears on the left hemisphere of the brain, it affects the speech and language. Also, it causes problems on the right side of the body.

While if the stroke happens in the right hemisphere, the results will be vision loss and problems with the left side of the body.


In the United States, stroke is the number one reason for causing disability and number five in causing death.

Statistics show that women are more likely to be affected by such occurrence. 60% Women – 40% – Men.

– loss of vision, double vision, or spinning vision
– drooping face
– one-sided weakness
– impaired speech (may sound intoxicated)

Stroke Prevention

In the hair salon:

When you’re in the hair salon, ask for a chair that fits your a sink that’s right for your height when your hairdresser washes your hair. Also, you can use a folded towel to minimize the strain by placing it on the minimize the strain.

At home:

Check your blood pressure every now and then. Hypertension is one of the major preventable factors linked to strokes.

Eat a healthy diet and avoid foods that contain a lot of trans fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

Physical activity is as important for overall health as is a healthy diet. Lack of activity or a predominantly sedentary lifestyle puts you at a higher risk of hypertension, high LDL cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Watch out for early signs of stroke. In the link below, you can find out which are the earliest signs your body gives before the stroke.


Source: womenzfitness